Unquestionably the most design forward residential development in Toronto today, Urban Capital’s River City complex has arrived at its last phase. Launched in 2009, River City has set a new standard for condominium design in the city. And for the fourth and final phase, Saucier + Perrotte has confirmed its penchant for bold forms, creating yet another architectural masterpiece.

Named after the quietly elegant public square that it faces, Harris Square will be a series of gyrating pentagonal plates, reflecting the five sides of the site itself, and allowing for oversized balconies and terraces on most floors.

 Continuing River City’s commitment to exceptional architectural and interior design, Harris Square will, for a select few, be a very fitting culmination of the River City neighbourhood.

A striking open space
to connect two beautiful public spaces

Like some kind of alien spaceship, Harris Square (the building) will hover five metres over an open space connecting Lawren Harris Square and Underpass Park

The fourth phase of River City is tucked between Lawren Harris Square in front and Underpass Park behind, two of Waterfront Toronto’s spectacular urban parks for the West Don Lands. 

With this context in mind, a large section of the building has been elevated five metres off the ground, giving the effect of being suspended in the air in order to create an open space to connect the public spaces on both sides.

Just another public gesture that sets River City apart from other condominium developments in Toronto.